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How to Replace Your Travel CPAP Machine This Summer
If you’re ready to travel this summer but you have sleep apnea, you know how essential it is to have a portable CPAP device. What you might not know is how important it is to have a new travel CPAP machine for your summertime adventures. A new, modern machine will be quieter, smaller, and more effective. Consider replacing your travel CPAP machine if you’ve had it for about five years. Even if you haven’t had it for that long, you can still experience the benefits of replacing your CPAP machine.

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Luckily, replacing your travel CPAP device is fairly simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Get a prescription from your doctor: CPAP machines are Class II medical devices, which means that purchasing them requires a doctor’s prescription.
  2. Determine which model you want: To figure out the right travel CPAP device for you, you should ask your doctor for recommendations and consider the features you need most. There are many great travel CPAP devices out there, but the Transcend 3 Mini CPAP and Transcend 365 Mini CPAP are two of the best. These compact devices are lightweight, feature easy-to-use interfaces, and have rechargeable batteries so that you don’t need to rely on outlets to power your device. They’re also FAA approved for in-flight use, allowing you to fly comfortably this summer.
  3. Purchase the device: Once you know which model you want and you have the necessary prescription, you can come to YourCare Medical Supply to purchase your device! Your insurance may cover the device if your current device is five years or older. You could also use any HSA or FSA funds that you have towards the device.
Are you ready to hit the road this summer? Contact YourCare Medical Supply today to learn about the travel CPAP machines we carry and if your insurance will cover your replacement.
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