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Why You Need Travel CPAP Equipment This Spring
After months of winter and nearly a year of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is itching to get out of their homes and into the world again. Whether you’re planning on going camping or visiting family this spring, you need to ensure you’re taking care of yourself. For people with sleep apnea, that means using a CPAP machine when you sleep.
Portable CPAP devices and sanitizing machines allow people with sleep apnea to travel and still treat their disorder.

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These are some of the key benefits of using travel CPAP equipment:

  • It’s quiet: New technology has allowed later devices to create almost no noise so you don’t have to worry about your travel CPAP equipment disturbing your family.
  • There are masks and tubing options: As long as you have a standard 22mm connector, you can use any mask or tube with your Travel CPAP device.
  • It’s small and lightweight: The travel CPAP devices and travel sanitizer are all small enough to fit in your luggage. This allows you to travel wherever you need without being weighed down by your equipment.
  • It’s battery-powered: With rechargeable batteries, you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet to power your CPAP equipment.
If you’re looking for travel CPAP equipment, come to YourCare Medical Supply and check out the Transcend 3 Mini CPAP, Transcend 365 Mini CPAP, and the VirtuCLEAN 2.0. Call us today to learn more about our devices and how they can help you travel in comfort this spring.
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