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Your Guide to the Lumin UV Sanitizer & Lumin Bullet
The-Lumin-UV-Sanitizing-CPAP-Cleaning-SystemCleaning your CPAP machine and its accessories is as important of a task as any other chore you do around the house. The cleanliness of your CPAP device and equipment can affect their quality and longevity as well as your personal health. While some CPAP users clean their equipment with soap and water in the sink, this is a time-consuming process that can still result in sub-par sanitization.
The simplest way to thoroughly clean your CPAP equipment is with devices equipped with UV sanitization capabilities, such as the Lumin UV Sanitizing System. UV light, which is considered to be the safest disinfection option available for CPAP users. UV light doesn’t involve any toxic or harmful gases and is used in a variety of ways within the healthcare industry, including hospitals. It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, significantly reducing the risk of infection from CPAP equipment that is improperly cleaned. Utilizing UV light, the Lumin UV Sanitizer and Lumin Bullet are easy to operate and provide many benefits to CPAP users.

How the Lumin UV Sanitizer Works

The Lumin UV Sanitizer will clean your CPAP mask, reservoir, and accessories. To clean them, all you have to do is pull out the Lumin tray, place the equipment in it, close the tray, and press the power button. The Lumin will then begin a disinfection cycle that takes just five minutes to complete. When it is done sanitizing your equipment, it will beep to indicate that you can remove your items and use them. If you open the tray during the cleaning process, a shutoff mechanism in the Lumin will turn off the UV light immediately to ensure that your eyes are not exposed to UV light. 
Although the Lumin was made to sanitize CPAP equipment, you can use it to clean any non-living item that can fit inside the tray. You can clean a variety of household objects using the Lumin, such as toothbrushes, phones, glasses, hearing aids, and much more. With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting many areas of the country, sanitization of common items is more important than ever. This extends the Lumin’s use past simply cleaning CPAP equipment and makes it an essential device in your home.

How the Lumin Bullet Works

The Lumin Bullet is designed to clean the S9 and standard CPAP tubing. All you have to do is pull the tubing through the outer casing so that the tip remains sticking out, close and lock the casing, and insert the sanitizing probe into the same end of the tube. The probe will slide into the tube and then magnets inside of the casing will catch the probe and hold it inside of the tubing. You then just slide the casing towards the opposite end of the tubing and the sanitizing probe will follow the path of the casing, going along the length of the tubing. Once you reach the end, you’ll reverse the path and guide to probe to where you started.
All in all, the process only takes about a minute and you have fully sanitized CPAP tubing. The Lumin Bullet has a rechargeable battery that charges with a micro USB cable. Just one charge will last for 30 uses.
By using the Lumin UV Sanitizer and Lumin Bullet, you can rest easy knowing that your CPAP equipment and other household items are properly sanitized while significantly reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning your equipment. Contact YourCare Medical Supply today to learn more about these Lumin products and all of the benefits you can experience when using them.
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