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How To Keep Your CPAP Supplies Clean During The Coronavirus Outbreak
The spread of COVID-19 throughout the country, and the world, has spurred people to reevaluate how they interact with the environment around them. With new recognition of the coronavirus and its contagious nature, every surface you touch is a potential harbor for dangerous germs. 
When it comes to sanitization, one area you need to focus on is your CPAP device and the accompanying supplies. Let’s take a look at why it is important to give these items a little TLC and the best ways to do so. 

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Why do you need sanitized CPAP equipment?

It’s a good practice to regularly clean or replace your CPAP equipment, even when there isn’t a global pandemic. When you use your CPAP machine at night, it brings air in from the room and allows you to inhale it via a filter, tube, and mask. Your exhaled air then travels back through the mask, tube, and machine. 
Your exhaled air also holds a significant amount of moisture, in which microorganisms love to grow. If you don’t regularly clean or replace your CPAP supplies, colonies of bacteria can grow in your face mask, headgear, tubing, and the water chamber of the machine, affecting your health as well as the quality of your CPAP device. If you have the coronavirus and don’t know it, those germs could be living in your CPAP equipment, posing a potential danger to your health and the health of everyone in your household.

How can you ensure your CPAP equipment is sanitized?

There are two main methods to guarantee that you’re using sanitized CPAP equipment: cleaning it or replacing it.
The easiest way to clean your CPAP machine and equipment is with the VirtuCLEAN 2.0. This sanitization device kills 99% of disease-causing pathogens by cleaning your equipment with ozone, also known as activated oxygen. All you have to do is place your CPAP equipment in the device and it will sanitize it all in just 35 minutes. You can find a helpful video on how to use the VirtuCLEAN 2.0 on our homepage. Without any cleaning effort from you, you will have CPAP equipment that you know is free from coronavirus germs. 
The second way to ensure that you’re using clean CPAP equipment is to replace your current supplies. CPAP face masks and tubes are not designed to last forever, even with regular cleanings. Sleep professionals recommend that you change these items every six months, if not more frequently. If you’re unsure as to when you last replaced your equipment or if your supplies are clean enough, it is best to replace them now. Not only will you guarantee that you stay healthy, but purchasing new CPAP supplies can also lengthen the life of your CPAP machine. 

Shopping at YourCare Medical Supply in the time of COVID-19

At YourCare Medical Supply, we understand that your everyday medical needs don’t change just because there is a health crisis afoot. Our store is still open and we have plenty of CPAP supplies in stock so that you can replace old equipment. We also have the VirtuCLEAN 2.0 on sale for just $259.00 (Regularly $289.00).
For your safety we are offering service through curbside pick-up or mail orders. We are taking these precautions so that we can protect the health of our staff as well as that of our customers. We will grant access to our showroom one person at a time in order to maintain the 6-foot distancing requirement.
Please call 585-377-5350 to make an appointment for product pick-up. When you call for your appointment or to place an order, one of our team members will ask you screening questions. You can also place an online order on our website. Contact YourCare Medical Supply today to guarantee that you’re using clean CPAP Supplies that will keep you healthy.
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