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How Using a Lift Chair Can Ease Your Recovery
Black male rising out of a lift chair with the help of a while woman.When you think of winter, images of snow-covered landscapes and cozy nights by the fire likely come to mind. Many people, however, associate the winter months with recovery. This time of year is perfect for having foot, shoulder, knee replacement, and hip replacement surgeries. By having these surgeries now, you won’t miss all of the outdoor fun to be had in the summer. Other people find themselves recovering in the winter from sport injuries or accidents caused by falling on slick ice and snow.
No matter how you get there, recovering in your home comes with many challenges. Lift chairs exist to ease those challenges. Let’s take a look at why exactly using a lift chair is essential for many people who find themselves spending the winter recovering from surgery or injury in their homes.

Provides Independence

If your surgery or injury impacts your mobility, you may find yourself depending on others more than you’re accustomed to. Even simple tasks like getting out of a chair can become impossible without help from a loved one. Not only can this dependence impact the life of your loved one, but it can affect your self-confidence during recovery.
Lift chairs allow patients to shed the feelings of helplessness that often come with recovery. By using a chair with a motorized lift to watch television, read a book, or even just sit and chat with your family, you can get in and out of the chair all on your own. All you need to do is push a button and the chair will raise you from sitting to standing.This small amount of assistance can make all of the difference during your recovery as you don’t need someone at home 24/7 to help you get in and out of your chair.

Provides a Comfortable Sleep

Just as you might have difficulty getting out of a regular chair, you may have difficulty getting out of bed while you recover. The completely flat surface of a regular bed gives you little leverage to stand up. Getting out of the bed in the morning, or in the middle of the night, then becomes another task with which you need assistance.
While you recover from your injury or surgery, you could sleep in your lift chair instead of your bed. In addition to raising vertically, lift chairs can recline to a horizontal position perfect for sleeping. When you need to get up, you can let the chair do the work for you and lift you all the way up to a standing position.

Provides Excellent Elevation

Many physicians will recommend that you keep your legs elevated as much as possible after you’ve injured or had surgery on your hips, legs, or feet. Lift chairs are designed to hold your legs at such an angle to provide optimal blood circulation, which is essential for quick healing. The ergonomic design of lift chairs also supports your back better than standard recliners while still providing a comfortable place to sit. For anyone recovering from surgery or injury, this tricky balance between comfort and support is essential.
If you need a lift chair recliner while you’re recovering, don’t wait to get one. Make your purchase from YourCare Medical Supply and you can get up to $100 off of your lift chair. You may even be able to receive a reimbursement from your insurance for the lift motor in the chair, you just have to contact your provider to find out. Achieve optimal comfort at an affordable price by contacting YourCare Medical Supply today.
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