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Which CPAP Mask Is Right For You?
Anyone who has sleep apnea knows how important it is to use a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device whenever they sleep. While the machine does most of the leg work, sleep apnea patients are going to have the most physical contact with their CPAP masks.
To accommodate the wide variety of needs, preferences, and face shapes among those with sleep apnea, CPAP masks and headgear come in many different styles and sizes. One sleep apnea patient may find that a certain mask is perfect while the patient next to them thinks that the same mask causes discomfort. While you should always have a licensed respiratory therapist fit your CPAP mask for optimal performance and comfort, there are a few key points you should know about different mask types.

White male wearing a nasal CPAP mask named DreamWear Nasal.Nasal Masks

As the more common type of CPAP mask, nasal masks are usually in a triangle shape and cover the patient’s nose. Most nasal masks will have padding around the plastic as well as additional forehead braces with pads that rest just above the eyebrow area. This structure gives the mask stability while allowing patients to sleep with their mouths closed and move around in their sleep. Nasal pillow masks are similar in concept, but don’t have any parts above the nostrils and tend to fit well on patients with a narrow nose bridge or short face.
If you want to sleep with comfort in practically any position, the DreamWear Nasal might be the mask for you. Instead of the traditional forehead braces, this nasal mask has stabilizing straps that wrap around the top of your head. This comfortable design also prevents red marks or irritation on the nose bridge and in the nostrils.

White male wearing a full face CPAP mask named DreamWear Full Face Mask.Full Face Masks

Sleep apnea patients who tend to breathe through their mouth when they sleep, rather than just through their nose, typically use full face masks. These CPAP masks cover both the nose and the mouth, ensuring that the wearer is always benefitting from the effects of the CPAP device. Full face masks typically have forehead braces or straps that stabilize the mask.
Similar to the DreamWear Nasal, the DreamWear Full face mask supports itself with straps that wrap around the top and back of the head. This full face mask doesn’t cause any red marks or irritation while you sleep. The design of the DreamWear Full face mask allows for the most relaxing sleep possible and can even create the illusion that you’re not wearing a mask at all.
No matter which type of mask you choose, always go to a licensed respiratory therapist for a fitting. There is no industry standard for sizing, but these professionals have extensive experience in finding the right mask for each person. As an added bonus, anyone fitted by a respiratory therapist is eligible for the seven-day mask guarantee program. If you find that the mask isn’t working for you once you start using it at home, you can return it within seven days and get a different mask at no extra charge.

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