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The Ins And Outs Of Travel CPAP Machines
A portable CPAP machine fitting in the palm of someone's handSummer is here and with the warmer weather comes opportunities to get out of the house and into the wider world. For those with sleep apnea, however, packing up and jetting off to a new destination is much easier said than done.
That’s where travel CPAP machines come into play. Whether you’re camping, boating, or traveling abroad, these portable CPAP devices make it possible to treat your sleep apnea outside the comfort of your own home. Let’s take a look at some of the most important information regarding travel CPAP devices and how they can completely transform your summer adventures.

How Big Is A Travel CPAP?

A CPAP machine that you can take with you on your next camping trip might sound nice in theory, but many potential users are left wondering how portable the device actually is. While the exact size will vary between models, any travel CPAP machine is significantly smaller than its standard-sized counterpart.
Two of the more popular models are the Transcend 3 miniCPAP and the Transcend 365 miniCPAP. The Transcend 3 is about the size of a soda can and weighs only one pound. This makes it extremely easy to pack into your suitcase and bring with you on any trip. The Transcend 365 is similarly tiny at about half the size of a standard CPAP machine. It is also the world’s lightest integrated CPAP, giving you the full-sized features you need in a much more portable form.

What about the batteries?

With travel CPAP machines, you don’t need access to a power outlet every night. These handy devices run on battery power for the utmost travel convenience. You can use the Transcend 3 with a battery pack about the size of a deck of cards, making it easy to bring with you. You can either plug the pack into an outlet to recharge after a few nights’ of use or utilize DC and solar charging options for off-grid power. The Transcend 365 features Smart Power™ management, optimizing your battery-powered CPAP needs.

What are the advantages of travel CPAP machines?

Besides the small size and light weight that give travel CPAP machines their convenient portability, there are several advantages to using these devices. The first is that the tubing for travel CPAP devices are similarly sleek and designed for easy transportation. The next benefit is that your vacation or camping trip won’t be disturbed by a noisy machine, as travel CPAP devices are quiet. You can even use either Transcend model and their batteries on a plane as they are FAA approved. With functional features and the ability to use any mask, these travel CPAP devices are sure to transform the way you travel.
Whether you’re staying in a five-star hotel or sleeping in the rugged outdoors, your travel CPAP machine will be right by your side. By using this convenient device, you’ll be able to treat your sleep apnea and get the good night of sleep that you deserve. Contact YourCare Medical Supply today to learn more about travel CPAP devices available to you.
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