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3 Important Benefits Of Replacing Your CPAP Supplies
Forward facing, clear CPAP mask.Your CPAP allows you to have the restful night of sleep that you deserve, but that wouldn’t be possible without the various parts that accompany the machine itself. Much like a car that can’t run with faulty tires and brakes, your CPAP machine can’t operate successfully with old masks, tubing, and headgear.

Keep reading to discover exactly why regularly replacing your CPAP supplies is of the utmost importance.

Prevents bacteria growth

Health products tend to collect germs over time and the accessory equipment of your CPAP are no different. While you should regularly clean your mask and tubing with mild soapy water, even the most diligent cleaning can’t stop the buildup of bacteria over time. The warm and moist environment of CPAP therapy is the perfect home for bacteria. The best way to ensure the sanitization of your equipment is to stick to a schedule of regular replacement. Otherwise, you will be putting your own health at risk every time you put on your mask.

Halts the degradation of your CPAP supplies

Although technology has come far, it has not come quite far enough to produce CPAP made of indestructible materials. The average mask is made of plastic and silicone, while the headgear is typically made of neoprene or elastic. All of these materials start to break down with frequent use over time.
When your CPAP mask, cushion, and tubing start to break down, you’re more likely to experience problems when you use them. Deteriorating masks and tubing can result in excessive leaks, making your CPAP therapy ineffective. Using your machine can also become increasingly uncomfortable as the cushions tend to lose their seal over time. Many people try to compensate for a looser seal by tightening their headgear, but this only results in irritated skin and sores.

Lengthens the life of your CPAP

The state of your CPAP supplies has a direct impact on the machine. Regularly replacing the filters on your CPAP is key to ensuring the longevity of your machine. As dust and other contaminants build up in the filters, they can cause the machine to overheat. Every time the machine overheats, it damages the motor. As the machine is much more costly to replace than the supplies, it is more than worthwhile to ensure that you follow the replacement schedule for the machine’s filters.
By purchasing new CPAP supplies as soon as you need them, you will be using your CPAP to its fullest potential while prioritizing your own health. You wouldn’t use the same toothbrush for months on end without replacing it, so why would you do that with your CPAP supplies?

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